First a Few Words From Ranger Rick…

As a former US Army Ranger, Drill Instructor, and an advisor/trainer to the Bosnia & Herzegovina Army under the US State Department approved “Train & Equip Program.” I have always enjoyed sharing with soldiers my personal experiences and tips on how to survive in a military outdoor environment through field expedient know-how. And although I’ve been retired from active duty since 1993, I’m still doing what I like best, “teaching and training soldiers.” But not in a class room, but through a series of books I publish called THE RANGER DIGESTS.

They’re about how to survive and thrive in the outdoors “military style.” From how to take a crap in the woods, improvise, modify, and improve military & civilian outdoor gear to lots of useful tips, tricks & ideas that you won’t find in other books, military or civilian. And because I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from hunters, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. I’ve had to expand onto other subjects like basic & advance outdoor survival techniques and fieldcraft ingenuity too.

Now before I got started publishing these handbooks I use to forward all my tips, tricks and ideas to the Pentagon.But the only thing I ever received back were letters stating, “…sorry, not feasible for military related outdoor field conditions.” Well, since the Pentagon and the Army weren’t interested in my tips, tricks, and techniques, I decided to write a book about them and let the troops decide what’s feasible or not. After all, when it comes to “common sense” and “field expedient know-how” the troops know more about this than some “chair-borne” Colonel or General free sex sitting behind his desk at the Pentagon. You know what I mean?

And my instincts proved to be right on target too, because not only did the troops love my first Ranger Digest, but they also help me write Ranger Digests II thru IX. How? The same way you can, by forwarding me your personal outdoor field tips and tricks for future publications. No doubt it was a blessing in disguise that the Army and Pentagon did reject my tips, tricks and ideas or there wouldn’t be a Ranger Digest series today. Their loss – my gain! Or I should say “our gain,” all you Ranger Digest readers and contributors.

And quite often, almost everyday I receive an email or two from someone complimenting me on all the work I put into this website. And how much they enjoyed reading and learning about some of my unusual & unique military/outdoor survival tips that other survival websites don’t talk about or offer – free tips & tricks. And you know what? I never get tired of hearing these compliments. And sometimes, sometimes someone sends me an email asking if there is a way they can purchase my books cheaper. And you know what I tell them? Sure!

Do you want to know how to get them cheaper too? Just send me an email at: and I’ll tell you too. That’s all it takes, all you gotta do is ask. But before you do send me an email, please look over my tips & tricks first. So, I guess by now you’re a bit curious to find out what kind of unusual & unique military/outdoor survival tips I have here on my website? Aren’t you? But before I show you just a few of them, I have one little itty-bitty favor to ask. And that is if you really like what you see here on my web site, all I ask is that you please spread the word and let others know about it. Please?

Well thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you find here and will come back again later when I have posted some more tips & tricks. And if you wanna learn what the rest of my tips & tricks are about, sorry but you’ll have to order my Ranger Digests to find out. And now without further delay, you may now click on the topic to the left of this screen.

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