I think it is obvious that the four main things that a man needs to provide are: Warmth, Shelter, Water, and Food. Their importance are in that order. Here we will talk bout some common sense approaches to preparing and providing these four things.

Warmth : Obviously it depends on the season and your location as to the extent of preparation. But for the short term, a kerosene non vented heater is the most efficient means to heat a small area. Cordon off a small area of the house, seal all doors and windows. In an enclosed area it is very important to monitor Carbon Monoxide levels. Keep the temperature at no more than 55′ F. For the long term, a wood stove with a generous supply of wood is needed. More details are available in the “Mountain Man Online Survival Guide”

Shelter: If you’re at home at the onset of a disaster or emergency, it is obvious what you should do. Stay put. Know where your utility shut offs are, especially gas and electric, and be prepared to shut these off at the main. Even if the power goes off, turn off the main disconnect if your house is damaged so that you wont be awakened in the middle of the night by fire caused by returning power and a short circuit.
Depending on the weather and the nature of the disaster, it will be advantageous to cordon off a section of the house to keep it warm. Of course a basement or cellar would be even better. If your not at home, your car or truck would be a good shelter. Don’t leave it unless your sure you can get to better shelter. If neither permanent shelter or a car are available, you can still build a shelter. Details are available in the “Mountain Man Online Survival Guide”
The basics of any shelter are to “keep em dry and keep em warm”.
Nuclear Attack!
Remember, you can survive almost any disaster, even a nuclear attack! It is survivable! Basically, if you’ve survived the initial blast, stay indoors for at least 48 hours and take potassium iodine tablets. When you finally come out, avoid the dust. Wash everything down with water. Using a respirator will greatly increase your survival rate.

More details are available through these links. Mountain Man Underground Shelter Nuclear Attack

Water: The next most immediate need of survival is clean drinking water. The human body can not live longer than a few days without water. It is important that you have stored an adequate supply at home or in your car. If you haven’t, then you must create a supply for you and your family. More information is available in “Mountain Man Online Survival Guide”
Food: There are lots of sources of stored food available on the Internet, but for most survival interests, canned food will work just fine. If cans are kept in a cool dry place, the food contained in them will last for decades.
More information is available in “Mountain Man Online Survival Guide” Handy Stuff

Being prepared is something we should all do even in the best of times. Everybody realizes the importance of getting together a stockpile of essential items to have on hand in the event of an emergency or disaster. You don’t have to necessarily go to a survivalists store to purchase items especially for this purpose, but sometimes, certain products are designed just for the survivalists use.

Food that can be stockpiled for months, or even years in advanced are available at the grocery store. Check the Food button on the left. Products Given all the survivalist information available, I have researched put together a list of products I think would be invaluable for a well planned prepared Disaster and Emergency kit. Some items you may not be able to readily find so I have researched and found the best deal I could and purchased in bulk and offer them for sale here. Click the Products button on the left.

Protection I believe this is probably the biggest responsibility a man has to his family. We may not agree on this issue, but I think every man should own a firearm for protection of his family. I don’t think we can or should count on local authorities for this purpose. I can’t sell firearms from this website, but we can discuss here what type of firearm is most effective for this purpose.
Check the Protection button on the left. Don’t forget to visit the Free Stuuf section for more valuable advice, and please email us with any survival suggestions. Below are more links to other sites that may provide to be valuable to you. This site will show you how to build a cheap wind generator that will provide you with unlimited