It Is In Your Hands

Nature is not just a luxury for the few, it’s a necessity for all and increases our collective well being.

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You cannot manage what you do not measure

Companies that assess their impacts and reliance on nature are better placed to manage risk and grown sustainably.

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Invest in Nature

Look after nature and it can help look after us and reward a community for generations to come.

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Bring nature into the equation

By factoring the value of nature into policy decisions and national accounting, governments can safeguard one of their greatest resources.

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Join Us

In 2007, world leaders setup the TEEB Study to find out the economic impact of biodiversity loss. Led by Pavan Sukhdev, 500+ scientists, business leaders, policy makers and citizens the conclusions were astounding: do nothing, and we lose trillions.

Nature should be valued for its intrinsic worth, over and above any economic factors. However, right now, we’re losing nature because we don’t reflect its value in decision-making. We need to factor the value of nature into buying decisions and add a line for Natural Capital into annual reports and GDP.

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity from teeb4me on Vimeo.

We can’t afford to wait for these ideas to slowly gain acceptance: we need you to spread the word now. Join us on Facebook and Twitter. Tell your friends about TEEB and help make a real Bank of Natural Capital to safeguard the wealth of future generations.

TEEB Visualisation Challenge


In the last 50 years, 60% of ecosystem services have been degraded due to human impact.

We asked you to help visualise the results of our scientific study into the need to value nature.

See the results of the TEEB challenge




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By Daniela Russi, Jan 6

Daniela Russi

Accounting for water quality

Water quality accounts can support water management and water policy by collecting and systematizing information in a structured and coherent way, in order to allow for monitoring of trends over time and across different geographical areas.


By Anand Chandrasekhar, Dec 25

Anand Chandrasekhar

How effective is restoration at recreating wetlands?

Despite the challenges, hundreds of wetland restoration projects are in progress around the world.This raises the question of how effective these projects are in terms of increasing wetland area and improving wetland functions. Recent studies have cast doubts on the outcomes of ambitious wetland restoration projects.


By Anand Chandrasekhar, Dec 21

Anand Chandrasekhar

Here is how to bridge the knowledge gaps to support decision-making on wetlands

The renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is known to have said that “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” There is no place for illusions as far as wetland valuation is concerned. A lot more work remains to been done to support evidence-based decision-making.


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